Saturday, August 2, 2008

Peter Breinholt Concert

Last night quite a group of us went to the Peter Breinholt concert at the Sandy City Amphitheater. It was Mom & Dad, the Rebster, Dave, Jes, Caleb & Spencer, Jeff & Wendy Evans & thier boys, Amber & her date Eric, and Dave & I. We ran into Jessica's friend from High School, Kat and her husband, so they sat by us as well. It was a really fun concert, but I don't know that any of really paid too much attention to the actual concert. That seems to happen when the boys are around!! Here are some pictures...

Grandma and Piyate Spencer waiting outside the amphitheater. We were the first ones in line!

Rebecca and Caleb waiting too. We got the best seats on the grass!

Dad, Mom, and the Rebster.

The Gordons in the sun, not totally paying attention.

The Evans family, who we became friends with during the Benefit concert in May.

Amber and Eric.

And us, the Steeds, Dave and Natalie.

And then Grandma pulled out the candy...

Dave loving the red vines,

Spencer enjoying an air head,

Dave playing with his tootsie rolls,

and Jes not letting us see her giant mouthful of toostie rolls. She just can't resist!!

Then there was the actual concert, which I only got one picture of, and it's of the opening act, the "Singing Children of Africa". It was fun to watch them sing and dance!! They also sang a couple of songs with Peter. Here are some pics of us enjoying the concert...

the "Singing Children of Africa"

Caleb and Spencer paying attention with Dave,

and not paying attention with Dave.

Caleb dancing to the Rio song,

Dave and Spencer dancing,

Caleb watching with his Daddy,

and Spencer following Peter's instructions for everyone to wave thier cell phones.

Ryan Shupe was also there tonight, and was filming a music video for their new single "Be the One". Caleb and his Daddy went down and were dancing, so everyone watch CMT to see if they make the cut!!
It was a fun night and we all had a blast!!