Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me...Grr!

So yesterday was my birthday. I knew going into the day it wouldn't be the best birthday ever... I had to work during the day and Dave had to work at night, but I was going to go in a little late that way I could sleep in and have breakfast with Dave. We slept in a little bit, but I woke up in pain. It started on my lower left side (in the front). I got up, took some tylenol, took a shower, got ready, and cried some. It moved mostly to my back, and at that point I was pretty sure it was my kidney. I had Dave call our home teacher who works from home. They gave me a blessing, I ate something, and left for work.

By the time I made it to the elementary school (like 1 block away), I was in tears. I kept going because Kathy was at work by herself without me. I barely made it to Smith's in Saratoga and had to stop to stand up. I called Dave and told him I couldn't go any further. He called the doctor and I called work. I got back in the car and cried my way home. I went inside and fell into Dave's arms sobbing. We left for the doctor not long after that.

We stopped at the new instacare in Saratoga Springs because I had to stand up again. I was almost the very first patient since they just opened yesterday at 11:00 am. (We were there at 10:30). Luckily, they were honest with me and said since I am pregnant, they would probably end up sending me to the hospital anyway. Since I was starting to feel more pain in the front of my body and was starting to get really worried there might be a problem with the baby, I decided I'd rather just go to the hospital and not pay for both. So we got back in and kept driving. Once on Lehi main, I asked if we could stop again before the freeway and Dave pulled into Kohler's. Luckily it rained hard yesterday, because I got out of the car and lost my breakfast in the parking lot. Hopefully it all got washed away. I felt so bad!

We finally made it to the hospital and the ER sent me straight up to Labor and Delivery triage. They took me right in and hooked me up to fetal monitors. We had a non-stress test done and everything with the baby was just fine, so they called the doctor and he said it was ok to send us back down to the ER. In the ER, we didn't have to wait too long, but we had to answer all of the same questions three more times for different people! Eventually, I got an iv with fluids, nausea medicine, and a pain killer. I took a little nap and they confirmed it was kidney stones. I got a prescription for pain meds and we went home. I rested the rest of the evening and slept in a little this morning. I passed a TINY little stone last night and never ended up taking a pain pill. Today I am just sore, but not in serious pain like yesterday!!

Anyway, I asked Dave last night if I could have a Birthday re-do. He said yes as long as he could take me to dinner somewhere. So maybe this weekend, I will have another (pain free) birthday!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Playing With The Baby!

Last week at our ultrasound, we obviously found out we are having a little boy! The shot took a long time to get because he kept wiggling, but once the tech got a good angle, it was pretty dang clear that the Steedling is a he!! She was able to find all of his organs and everything she was looking for. She said everything appears to be normal, he has the correct amounts of things (2 arms, legs, kidneys), and they are all in the correct places!

I can't believe he is halfway cooked!! Luckily, things have gone by really quickly! I just hope I don't jinx myself and slow down the clock or run out of time to get everything done! October does seem like it's still a long time away though!

I pulled out a project that I started as a Laurel project a long time ago and never finished. It is a baby quilt that is perfect size for a crib. It is a Noah's Ark pattern and so dang cute. We decided to use that for the Steedling's bedroom! I am working on finishing it, and we are trying to find some fabric that matches one of the many patterns on the quilt to make bumpers, a crib skirt, and maybe even curtains if we find enough fabric!! I found several different fitted crib sheets online and ordered a few. They all are animal prints on cream fabric, so we are going to see which one matches the quilt best, and take the rest back. I have gotten so excited about stuff like this lately. Actually it's kind of ridiculous...I can't think about anything else!!

Last night I was not feeling very well and was lazily laying on the floor while Dave was making dinner. I had my hand on my tummy and all of the sudden I felt the baby kick! (I have been feeling the movements inside for a couple of weeks, but this was the first time I was able to feel him on the outside!) I called Dave over and told him to put his hand there. We sat for a little bit, but he didn't kick again and Dave went back to what he was doing.

After he was done, he came back and I put his hand over where the Steedling had been moving. It took a little bit, but then he felt it!! Dave was soooo excited to be able to finally feel his baby move!! Later when we went upstairs to bed, I laid on my back for a little bit and Dave was able to feel him moving again. What a fun night!!!