Tuesday, October 27, 2009

He Is Here!!

Tanner David Steed is here!! He was born October 27, 2009 at 5:40 am. 8 pounds 13 ounces, 20 inches long and adorable! We are all doing well and we will get some pictures up soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Any Day Now!

Yesterday was our last pre-natal appointment. According to the Doctor, my due date is today... yep I am 40 weeks today! I am not getting too worked up about the fact that I am still pregnant. Here's why. The doctor goes strictly by a calendar, based on a 28 day cycle. Since we had been trying to get pregnant for quite a long time, we were tracking everything. My cycle was a few days longer than a "normal" 28 days, and so when we found out we were pregnant and did the math, it put our due date as October 25th, which will be on Sunday. We have had that day in the back of our minds the whole time, and that's the date I am going to go off of. In fact, I just changed the ticker on the side of the blog to reflect the 25th instead of today. If that date comes and goes, I might be in a different state of mind! So we will keep you posted!

As for the appointment yesterday, it went really well. I am now a good 3+ cm dilated and 75 - 80% effaced. She was impressed with the change over the last week and said with that much of a change, I should have this baby any day. I am ok with that! We talked a little about how far she would let me go over. She doesn't like to let her patients go over 1 week past their due date. She doesn't think I will make it that far, but if I do, she said we will schedule something probably for next Tuesday, or even Monday if we want. But I will definitely have a little boy to dress up for Halloween.

Other than that, we just wait! Dave finished painting the baby's room last night and it looks amazing!! I am so excited to move his stuff in! I am totally caught up and even ahead of things at work and at home (bills, etc.) and we are ready for him to come! We can't wait to meet this little miracle boy! When things happen, we will let you all know!! Thanks for all of the love, support, and encouraging words!! You are all the best friends and family ever! We love you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

39 Weeks and Counting!

Tuesday was our 39 week appointment. Everything still looks really good and I am dilated about another 1/2 cm, but still about 65% effaced. My Doctor went to Disneyland on Tuesday evening with her family and won't be back until Sunday, so hopefully we will make it until she gets back. It looks like we will since not much changed from last week and it is already Thursday afternoon.

Other news, IHC implemented new visitor restrictions this past week. Because of H1N1 flu and other fall/winter illnesses, no children under the age of 14 are allowed to visit patients in IHC hospitals (including the one we will be in). Also, only two visitors are allowed in at a time. This makes me sad, as it will affect most of our family coming to meet the little guy. I guess it is all for the best if it keeps us all healthy though.

That's the update for the week! We will keep everyone posted if things start happening!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

38 Weeks!!

Yesterday was another prenatal appointment! I am now dilated 2 cm and about 65% effaced. The baby's head is still down, and my blood pressure is really good. The group B strep test came back negative so I don't have to deal with that during delivery. I think the scale was off a little yesterday. It said I have lost 4 pounds in the last week. I don't think that is true, but if it is, it puts my total weight gain for the pregnancy at a whopping 2 pounds. I guess we will see what it says next week.

My Mom won't be home from Hawaii until Monday morning (10/12), and Dr. Savage is going to be in Disneyland with her family from next Tuesday through Sunday (10/13 - 10/18). Which means... the Steedling can come on Monday (10/12) or not until the following Monday (10/19) if I want my Mom and the Doctor to both be there, which I think is preferable!!

I just told them at work that Dr. Savage said Monday would be a good day, and they flat out said it's not an option. Frankly, I kind-of wish it would happen. They have known about this "baby situation" for 7 months, and they still don't have anyone hired or trained to fill in while I am gone or work part time once I come back. At this point, it really is their problem not mine. I gave them PLENTY of notice, and they have done NOTHING. I have to not let it stress me out, or the Steedling might come early anyway. Everything will work out right?!?

As far as the house being ready... We spent the weekend listening to a wonderful General Conference, DEEP cleaning our house (still not quite done yet!), working in the nursery (wainscoting is half-way done), getting baby stuff ready, and cooking yummy conference weekend food (we had huevos rancheros and chile verde - with fresh tomatoes from the garden!) The car seat and stroller are out, the car seat bases are in our cars, and the cradle is all set up in our room, so even if he comes before his room is all the way done, we have a place for him to sleep!

Yesterday after the doctor, I went home and did a bunch of cooking. I made two lasagnas, two pans of manicotti, and two pans of sour cream enchiladas. We have one of each planned into our menu in the next week and a half, and the other 3 are in the freezer for after baby comes! I am doing the same thing this weekend with chicken pot pie, chicken cordon bleu and ham. We also planned out some other quick meals for after and have stuff ready for those as well! We are just trying to get as much ready ahead of time as we can!!