Wednesday, February 18, 2009


On the 13th, we went with 5 other couples to Olive Garden for dinner and then to the Stake Adult Dance! Honestly, I thought we would probably leave early because the dance would be soo lame. However, I was very wrong. We stayed for a couple of hours and had so much fun!! Brother Webb in our ward was in charge of the music, and he made a fine DJ!! We all had so much fun acting like dorks and reliving high school moments such as... The Electric Slide, YMCA, Thriller, Cotton-Eyed Joe, The Hokey Pokey, etc. However, when the Macarena started, we made our quick escape!

I of course forgot to take either camera, so alas, no pictures of the entertaining evening. :(

On Valentine's, Dave had to work. He is in charge of the floral department, so naturally, this was a big day. I was in charge of dinner. Knowing that he would be exhausted when he got home, I decided to go with something simple. I got a Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizza, made foccacia bread, and cute little salads. It was yummy! I also made him a bouquet of fruit, which was very fun!! He came home with flowers which he arranged himself! They were, of course, Black Magic Roses!! Along with white daisies and Israeli Ruscus, all of which he special ordered! He is amazing!! And then after dinner, we crashed!

Here are some pictures of the dinner, fruit bouquet, and roses:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Stevenson Family Dinner

Once a month, the Stevensons get together for dinner too! Last month we played at our house. We had potluck pizza and guessed it...Guitar Hero! Here are some pictures...

There was also a great game of hide and seek! Caleb found the best hiding places while Spencer crashed!

And we all chipped in and got this amazing Family Tree for Dad and Mom's 30th Anniversary. We think they like it! (Cydney was on the phone in the third picture.) There is plenty of space on the board for all of the grandchildren to come!

Thanks for the fun night!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Steed Family Dinner

Once a month we get together for dinner and fun!! Last month we had fajitas, and played Guitar Hero. Here are some pictures of the fun night!

Nate, Sequoya, and Dakota with Kristy and Savannah

Eating dinner.

Getting dinner ready.

Theoryn playing the guitar!

Sequoya eating a cookie!



The girls chillin' on the stairs!

Addison rocking out!

Cute little Davey cuddling with a giant duck! Aww!

Thanks for the fun night everyone!!