Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year, Dave didn't have his usual meetings before church starting at 7:00 am, so I was able to get up and make him a nice breakfast before he had to head off to church. He also opened his presents before church. This year we went pretty inexpensive. He got a package of new socks from baby and the new Switchfoot CD (that he knew about) from me.

After church, we just relaxed. Then I let him open his real presents. (We really did give him the other things, but he needed/knew about them.) The little man gave his a puzzle that we had made from a picture of the two of them playing. This is the original picture:

I gave him a "Can of Dates" as well as a can of "Temple Treats". We haven't been the best at going on dates with one another, especially since the little man was born. So I decided to give him these cans so that he gets a date with me every week for the next year. There is a word strip for each date and there is a date for almost every week for a year. Eash Sunday he will draw his date out of the can and I will pick which day we do it based on schedules and time required. Some weeks are already planned out, like Holiday/Birthday/Anniversary weeks. Once a month he will draw a paper out of the "Temple Treats" can instead. It is a treat to eat after our temple trip for the month. Here is what they look like:

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  1. Nat~
    I love these cans! Do you still have the list of dates on your computer? I'd love to make one and use some of your ideas w/my own as well. Love these!!! You're so creative. I wish we could do these things together.....miss you!